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[Press release] MG Tech provides automated palletizing solutions

April 2021 - Press Releases

In addition to its range of case formers and case packers, MG Tech has also developed palletizing equipment, thus offering complete end-of-line packaging solutions.

MG Tech automated palletizer

Efficient, simple and scalable, our palletizing cell can be adapted perfectly to all types of infrastructure, regardless of location and customer constraints.

Whatever the type of boxes or cases to be handled (open, closed, fragile, heavy, etc.) and the type of handling of the packages (individually, by row or by layer), our automatic palletizers are able to create whole pallets or semi-pallets, with or without interlayer.

“MG Tech's expertise in robotics makes it possible to offer, for each customer application, the best robot assembly (type, model, etc.), gripper (suction cup, gripper, shovel, etc.) and number of cases processed per cycle (individually, in rows, in stacks, in layers…)” explains Serge Pitois, MG Tech product manager.

Dedicated to continuous palletization of the production line, our palletizer is capable of handling the production of 1 or 2 juxtaposed lines, whether the productions are the same or different.

In addition, this equipment is completely secure thanks to its modular protection grid.

Technical features :

  • Number of product arrivals simultaneously: 2
  • Palletization height: 2200 mm
  • Maximum pallet dimensions: 1070x1220 mm
  • Palletization type: columnar, crossed layers, with or without clearance, with cooling stack, with pallet overhang, etc.

Palletizing operations can be enhanced with additional functions on request such as:

  • Identification of pallets by labeling
  • The filming of the pallets
  • The transfer of pallets by robotic solutions of the AGV-AIV type

Thanks to our various production sites and our complementary expertise, MG Tech is able to offer transitic solutions which can be added upstream or downstream of the palletizers for fully automatic pallet management, or robotic handling solutions such as AGV / AIV allowing products or full crates to be transported to logistics warehouses.

“For MG Tech, the Industry 4.0 approach that we integrate from the design of our palletizers consists of planning the next step, namely the connection of the palletizing function with mobile robotics (AGV) for the management of pallets” concludes Serge Pitois.


MG Tech presentation

Specialist in industrial robotics for end-of-line packaging solutions for activities in agri-food, pharma-cosmetics and industrial sectors ... the group has diversified into mobile robotics with the manufacture of AIV-AGV and push tractors.

Labeled "Industry of the Future Showcases", the MG Tech group has made interconnectivity a pillar of its strategy. Day after day, the MG Tech group is committed to supporting its industrial customers over the long term with reliable and upgradeable equipment that offers greater productivity, agility and comfort.


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