Case former and closer solutions

MG Tech has developed a range of case formers and closers allowing to answer to your different needs and requirements: speed, footprint, ergonomics… 

Our robust equipment ensure you a high speed, perfectly executed products and a controlled and reduced maintenance cost. They can handle a large range of cardboards and case types: opened and closed trays, shelf-ready cases, shipping cases, 4 corners glued cases, trays with ledge, lid, stackable cases…

Our case formers and closers are totally made in France and can be adapted perfectly to your needs and your production lines.

Compare our different equipment and choose the forming solution that will be the most suitable to your production needs.

  • RSC case erector

    Ergonomics, connected and easy to use, this new RSC case erector ensures a perfect case shaping and a controlled case squaring.
    Formeuse de caisses américaines MG Tech

    Evobox case erector

    The new EVOBOX case former is characterized by its intuitiveness and connectivity 4.0. With a high speed, the products are perfectly executed and the maintenance costs are reduced.
    Formeuse de caisses Evobox MG Tech

    Leanbox case erector

    The LEANBOX case erector stands out for its ease of use and its small footprint.
    Formeuse de caisses Leanbox MG Tech

    Speedbox case erector

    Recommended for a large variety of products requiring a high speed, the SPEEDBOX case erector is also appreciated for being ergonomic and evolutive.
    Formeuse de caisses Speedbox MG Tech

    Easybox case erector

    Simple and fast for changing formats, the EASYBOX case erector is ideal to shape a wide range of cases.
    Formeuse de caisses Easybox MG Tech

    Flexbox case erector

    The FLEXBOX case erector is available in two formats: in XL version to form C4 boxes and a bi-store version to shape 2 heights of cases.
    Formeuse de caisses Flexbox MG Tech