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MG-Tech integrates cobots on its AGV

November 2020 - Press Releases

« The perfect synergy for 4.0 factories »

On the occasion of the Full Robotics day organized by our partner Proxinnov, the MG-Tech group will present its new AGV Evobot © equipped with a Yaskawa cobot on Thursday, January 28 2021 at La Roche sur Yon (France).

MG TECH contributes to the rise of collaborative robotics in small and medium companies as well as in large companies through the manufacture and marketing of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).

For this new “Full Robotics” edition, MG Tech presents its brand new AGV Evobot © platform. It offers more new possibilities to industrials who wish to automate their own production, handling, or storage processes. The AGV Evobot © can carry a weight of up to 1,500 kg and tow up to 3,000 kg. Equipped with autonomous navigation technology, its functions range from fleet management thanks to the Evomanager which is a software allowing the supervision of your fleet of Evobot mobile robots, it regulates and controls the movement of robots & their missions in order to optimize flows and increase productivity. A secure and autonomous WIFI connection allows communication between the Evobot fleet and surrounding devices (doors, elevator barriers). Other functions include the automatic management of recharges with the Evomanager, which manages the battery charge level of the Evobot fleet and optimizes the assigned missions according to the charge cycles.

It coexists perfectly with the operators, detects obstacles and avoids them in order to reach the destination points.

Why present your new AGV with a cobot ?

"This is the opportunity for the MG Tech group to show off its know-how as an integrator" said Eric Gautier, CEO. “We manufacture our own AGVs and we want to show our expertise in combining two mechanisms in one: our AGV mobile platform for movement and a robotic arm for gripping. When handling heavy loads it is essential that there is a strong interaction between our AGV and the cobot. This association between these two machines represents a strong synergy for Industry 4.0".

While the AGV is free to move, the top-mounted cobot performs various tasks. Its perimeter widens according to the journey. Everything is done safely in a highly dynamic environment populated by humans, thanks to the intrinsic safety of the cobots and the obstacle avoidance systems installed on the AGVs. The production line therefore becomes more flexible and truly collaborative, leaving human operators only tasks with high added value, non-repetitive and less painful.

Why choose this cobot ?

“We integrate all solutions from all brands on our AGV Evobot © platform. For this event, we wanted to honor the Yaskawa cobot HC10DT IP67 following its Design Red Hot award."

This cobot allows real human-robot collaboration (HRC). It combines the stability and high speeds of the industrial robot with the safe limitation of contact forces between operator and robot. It can be deployed in accordance with the ISO TS15066 technical specification and therefore does not require any additional protective measures.


MG-Tech presentation

Specialist in industrial robotics for end-of-line packaging solutions for activities in agri-food, pharma-cosmetics and industrial sectors ... the group has diversified into mobile robotics with the manufacture of AIV-AGV and push tractors.

Labeled "Industry of the Future Showcases", the MG Tech group has made interconnectivity a pillar of its strategy. Day after day, the MG Tech group is committed to supporting its industrial customers over the long term with reliable and upgradeable equipment that offers greater productivity, agility and comfort.


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