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[Press release] MG Tech launches its new RSC case erector

June 2021 - Press Releases

MG Tech, French manufacturer of end-of-line packaging solutions, is launching its new RSC case erector on the market.

This new equipment developed by MG Tech allows the shaping of cases with flaps (also called RSC – Regular Slotted Container – from the FEFCO 200 cardboard range) by opening them and closing the cardboard bottom. The case is then ready for the conditioning of diverse products.

Formeuse de caisses américaines MG Tech


Adapated for all sectors of activity (food, cosmetics, pharmacy, logistics, export, e-commerce…), this new MG Tech RSC case erector provides many differentiating advantages:


An ergonomic equipment

Machines are managed by a controller, which allows to manage Brushless drives and all the actuators available in the case erector, to implement exchange solutions and to receive feedback on machine operation and production.

The case erector has a 12’’ touch screen (compared to 7’’ usually) offering more convenience to operators. Tutorials and videos are available to help and guide during maintenance and format changeover operations.

The entire machine has been designed to be ergonomic and safe through, in particular, full height access doors on each side, a magazine situated at 700 mm from the ground (ideal height for transferring blanks from a pallet to the magazine), blank presence sensor, a total operators’ safety thanks to the magazine protection by bellows and rollers.



A perfect case shaping process

“No matter how good the cardboard is, once formed, the case must be operational. This is why, when designing the specifications for our new RSC case erector, we were very attentive to the quality of case shaping process and the squaring of cases” explains Serge Pitois, Product Manager at MG Tech.

The positive opening of cases by opposite suction cups allow to ensure both the opening of all case formats (including square base) and avoid the risk of cardboard's jackniffing.

MG Tech provides also the positive opening of outer flaps to facilitate the closing of case bottom. It ensures also the shaping of cases with a low inlet, even with an approximative case quality.

The new RSC case erector enables the squaring and the conformation of the case before closing the case bottom. This function is essential to ensure a complete closing of case (no space between flaps), to have a rectangular box section and thus facilitate palletizing operations.


Easy and quick format changeovers

There are 3 levels of format changeovers in this new equipment: manual, controlled and semi-automatic. A guidance through the HMI screen is available thanks to tutorials and videos included in the screen.

“The new MG Tech RSC case erector is totally standardized, it does not require any tool for the format changeovers, what makes this machine very accessible and easy to use by the production operators” adds Serge Pitois.


A connected and communicating case erector

The modern HMI interface uses the OPCUA connectivity. This flexible, reliable and safe communication protocol allows to make the different machines communicate with each other (in the case of complete lines), to access the machine parameters by the industrials and the machine manufacturer, even remotely, and to forecast preventive maintenance operations.

The RSC case erector uses a Hot Melt gluing process. It is available in several sizes (small, medium, large) depending on the case dimensions. It is also available in several versions (standard, speed, hi-speed) depending the desired production rates.


MG-Tech presentation

Specialist in industrial robotics for end-of-line packaging solutions for activities in agri-food, pharma-cosmetics and industrial sectors ... the group has diversified into mobile robotics with the manufacture of AIV-AGV and push tractors.

Labeled "Industry of the Future Showcases", the MG Tech group has made interconnectivity a pillar of its strategy. Day after day, the MG Tech group is committed to supporting its industrial customers over the long term with reliable and upgradeable equipment that offers greater productivity, agility and comfort.


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