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[Press release] MG Tech all-in-one combination solution, the packaging machine in less than 6m²

April 2021 - Press Releases

The combination machine designed and produced by MG Tech is a compact end-of-packaging line equipment, bringing together in a single unit a case former, a case packer, a case identification station by marking and a palletizer.

Combiné MG-Tech: Formeuse, encaisseuse, palettiseur

This compact solution has many advantages:


  • Ultra small footprint

The MG Tech combination machine has the advantage of measuring only 6 m² on the ground, which allows for quick and easy integration into small industrial environments. In addition, the self-supporting structure can be easily moved with a manual pallet truck on the various production lines.

  • Controlled investment

This solution brings together in a single structure all the packaging functions of an end of production line and only uses a single robot for all actions.

  • Ergonomic design

This equipment has been designed with an ergonomic magazine (height: 900 mm) and large capacity (1500 mm of boxes) and with loading without stops. It also includes a box storage buffer making it easy for the operator to change pallets.

  • Connected machine

A unique 12 "HMI touch panel allows you to manage all the modules of this combination machine thanks to the integrated control platform.

  • Operator safety

The entire machine is built on a rigid structure with complete housing to enhance operator safety during production


This machine which combines case former / packer / palletizer perfectly meets the needs of the agrifood market, but also pharma-cosmetics and industrial sectors, as it can handle a wide range of products such as cases, Top Load boxes, plastic or glass jars, sealed or thermoformed trays ...


MG Tech presentation

Specialist in industrial robotics for end-of-line packaging solutions for activities in agri-food, pharma-cosmetics and industrial sectors ... the group has diversified into mobile robotics with the manufacture of AIV-AGV and push tractors.

Labeled "Industry of the Future Showcases", the MG Tech group has made interconnectivity a pillar of its strategy. Day after day, the MG Tech group is committed to supporting its industrial customers over the long term with reliable and upgradeable equipment that offers greater productivity, agility and comfort.


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