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MG-Tech & SHARK ROBOTICS have been mobilzed together against Covid-19

May 2020 - News

MG Tech Handling, an entity of the MG Tech group, specialized in mobile robotics with the design of AGVs and pusher tractors, and Shark Robotics, specialist in land robotics, have joined forces for a 100% Made in France partnership for the launching of a mobile disinfection robot aimed at fighting the Covid-19 epidemic.

While it has been proven that the Covid-19 can survive on surfaces for several days, MG Tech Handling and Shark Robotics have combined their skills to offer manufacturers a mobile decontamination robot dedicated to indoor spaces. Total control of the value chain coupled with a local partner offers great agility and responsiveness to requests.

Made in France innovation in the service of health

Radio controlled, this robot is capable of decontaminating 20,000 m² of surface area in 3 hours, thanks to its 4 micro-spray nozzles spraying disinfectant solutions. Its goal: decontaminating surfaces to ensure the safety of staff and avoid any possibility of a new contamination. Designed on wheels and discreet, the mobile decontamination robot is a tool particularly suitable for indoor spaces in food processing companies or pharmaceutical and industrial production sites.

“We wanted a technical solution that was efficient, fast and safe for humans. This is why we have turned to radio-controlled guidance because this solution does not require any human intervention before the decontamination phase: An easy solution in busy, crowded environments and heterogeneous areas. Unlike AGVs which require mapping the space to be treated, this robot is directly operational and ready to use. It is easy to use. No special training is required. It disinfects both office spaces and workshops. It is really versatile and adaptable” underlines Eric Gautier, CEO of the MG Tech group.

Available in an AGV (automated guided vehicle) version, the MG Tech group is already studying various possible adaptations for the future needs of different business sectors.

The MG Tech Group, specialist in intelligent machines for end-of-line packaging

Convinced that intelligent machines in the industrial environment bring more safety, comfort and flexibility in workshops, the MG Tech group has real expertise in the design and manufacture of complete packaging end of line and creates partnerships with regional players to contribute to the democratization of the 4.0 connected factory.

The MG Tech Group has made interconnectivity a pillar of its strategy with the launch of "Need & Use" connected maintenance by interfacing with different types of machines. This solution brings together a real community integrating the users, the manufacturer, the service and the equipment itself to optimize use and simplify management.

The announcement of this strategic collaboration with Shark Robotics therefore strengthens the MG tech Group's position as a key player in mobile robotics. It perfectly illustrates the alliance of two renowned French brands which have each contributed in their own right, for several years, to promoting the image of competence of French companies in the field of mobile robotics intervention.

"The MG Tech Group has been innovating for 18 years now. We are proud that Shark Robotics, creator of the famous Colossus firefighter robot, recognizes this culture of innovation and that together we can support manufacturers to optimize and secure their production" said Eric Gautier, CEO of the MG Tech group.