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MG Tech launches its new wrap case packer

January 2021 - Press Releases

This new wrap case packer allows you shaping cases as well as boxing pre-packaged products, all in one and single machine.

The equipment is composed of:

  • A circuit (set) for shaping cases, customizable according to the type and design of the boxes,
  • A product arrival circuit (set) on which control operations can be carried out,
  • One or more robot(s) for storing the products in the boxes with gripping tool(s) adapted to the different products.

The MG Tech wrap case packer stands out for its many advantages, including:

  • Its versatility:
    The products are packed directly by Pick & Place robots, no product grouping operation is necessary upstream;
  • Its modularity:
    It is designed to accommodate different types of boxes (trays, shelf ready cases, trays with ledges, closed boxes, etc.). It can include up to 3 MG Tech Delta robots, allowing a high rate of up to 60 cycles / minute / robot. In addition, the new wrap case packer offers format change management with two levels:
    • Controlled: format changes are manual and controlled in position by sensors
    • Fully automatic: format changes are automatic and carried out in less than 2 minutes from a command on the machine's HMI console.
  • Its guarantee of quality:
    It ensures a good geometry of the boxes thanks to an innovative system of conformation before the closing of the cases, thus guaranteeing the resistance of the boxes during logistic transport operations as well as the protection and the respect of the packaged products;
  • Its ergonomics:
    The cardboard magazine offers a large capacity (1500 mm of cardboard boxes), a large autonomy (500 boxes in B-groove cardboard boxes) and a loading height of the blanks at 900 mm high. The removal of blanks is also made easier thanks to the two bands that adapt to the width of the boxes. Finally, the integration of a safety door and a cutout presence sensor ensure greater operator safety.
  • Its connectivity:
    The MG Tech wrap case packer has an intuitive 12" HMI console that combines the functions of piloting, production management, preventive maintenance, visualization of the various elements of the machine. This interface also offers documentation and video tutorials.
  • Its eco-design:
    Its low energy consumption was the guideline for the development of this new product:
    • Almost all actuators are brushless, with high efficiency and low moment of inertia;
    • The centralized control of brushless actuators is managed by an intelligent controller which recovers energy from the braking motors to supply the accelerating motors;
    • The robot’s movement paths have been designed to consume as little energy as possible;
    • The rate of the machine, and therefore the speeds of the motors, is directly linked to the customer's production.

This new packaging machine is perfectly suited for the boxing of all pre-packaged products in the following sectors: agro-food (bakery-pastry, dairy products, petfood, sweet and salty groceries, fruits and vegetables, meat and cold meats, drinks, etc.), pharmaceuticals and industrial markets.

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