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MG-Tech has provided 3 packaging lines of surgical masks

May 2020 - News

The MG-Tech group supplied 3 packaging machines to box the production of protective masks for the Les Mousquetaires group (major player in mass distribution in France and Europe) and thus respond to the emergency of the health crisis. 130,000 million masks were planned at their production site "Les Celluloses de Brocéliande" in Britany (France).

Packaging line for surgical masks, MG-Tech group ©


An expertise MG-Tech already knows

We were consulted in 2005 to design packaging lines and then a production line for post-trained FFP2 masks for the Bacou-Dalloz / Sperian / Honeywell company, in Britany (France)" remembers Eric Gautier, CEO of MG-Tech group. After multiple takeovers, the production of this company closed the Plaintel site.MASQUE FFP2 AVEC SOUPAPE WILLSON 5211 - PACK DE 20

FFP2 masks produced and packaged on the MG-Tech Group's lines in 2009.

March 2020, the company "Les Celluloses de Brocéliande", which produces baby diapers and feminine hygiene products for the Intermarché group, pursued its diversification to meet the strong demand for the production of protective masks against the Covid-19 virus. The MG-Tech group, recognized for the quality and reliability of its packaging lines, is therefore positioned as an essential partner for the realization of their packaging lines.


A flawless mobilization

The urgency of the situation left only a very short period between the order date and the commissioning date for the supply of 3 machines.

The MG Tech group then mobilized a dedicated team specialized in study, assembly and development. The necessary skills for this project required a strong technical potential. A partnership has also been formed with local suppliers to reduce procurement times.


3 packaging machines for a rate of 150 strokes per minute per line.

After 12 weeks of development, the MG-Tech Group was proud to present its 3 machines allowing:

  • The shaping of cases
  • The casing in flowpack in batches of 50
  • The deposit of instructions
  • The boxes closure with Hot melt adhesive 
  • The control and disposal of compliant products

All of the above functions were performed by two robots at a rate of 150 strokes per minute. The machines were able to respond to the current market and will be evolutive for future demands ... This type of machine can package FFP2 or Surgical masks according to the specific products of our customers. All the machines in the MG-Tech group are equipped with an intuitive and ergonomic HMI (home machine interface) which centralizes data to improve the management of the various modules.