MG Tech Service offer

One of the MG-Tech group’s secrets of success is that we are not only limited to the design and manufacture of reliable, robust equipment; but we are also committed to obtaining high operational availability. For this reason, we value working closely with customers, which is made possible by our free hotline, machine auditing (automation, mechanism,  ...) and retrofit service.

  • Maintenance contract

    The MG-Tech maintenance contract is an optimal solution for preserving security, availability and value of your machines. The initial warranty is registered at the moment you order, and once it expires, MG-Tech can offer you a maintenance contract. 

    Our licensed, qualified technicians are regularly trained in our factories and are responsible for conducting inspections and maintenance as recommended in the maintenance manual.

    Our maintenance contracts provide the following advantages:

    • Biannual meetings with our technicians
    • Reduced quantity and length of stoppages
    • Increased equipment lifespan and reliability
    • Higher profitability
    • Yearly price discounts on parts for preventive maintenance and replacement parts
    Service clients MG Tech - prestation maintenance et contrat d'entretien
  • Support & expertise

    Support by phone: Our guaranteed direct assistance service has specialized operators to help clients analyze and fix mechanical and automation problems in real time.

    Service calls: Our team of technicians can be at your site within 24 hours following the request, ensuring minimum production machinery downtime, and providing general information about the machines and processes.

    Assessment: An assessment carried out by our experienced technicians will give you an overview of the current state of your machines. You will receive a detailed report of figures with a list of preventive maintenance priorities. 


    With the goal of improving your equipment and product quality, we offer auditing and expert solutions in the following areas:

    • Gluing: reducing consumption and improving operations
    • Cardboard: providing solutions for problems with folding, gluing, filling, palletizing…
    • EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility): analyzing interference problems with machinery
    • Vision: Adding a vision system to an existing line for quality control, position detection, checking the number of products…
    • Weighing: adding a weight measurement system for quality control (number of products in the case)

    Replacement material rental: In the event that your machine breaks down, we can provide rental solutions to guarantee production continuity*.

    * This rental system is only possible for the case erector range and is subject to availability, under certain conditions.

  • Machine retrofit & continuous improvement

    Are you looking to upgrade your machine (for a new set up, new formats, rate modification, combining products…)? Then our customer service team is ready to assist you. For changeovers or incorporating new features (adding an on-screen button, HMI changes, rate changes), we can perform an audit to determine the cost and time frame for making your modifications.

    Service clients MG Tech - prestation audit machine - amélioration continue
  • Spare parts

    We have complete service at your disposal for equipment replacement parts.

    A list of catalog parts is available on our extranet, along with all machine documentation. This simplifies and speeds up the replacement parts management process. You benefit from fast, professional, technical explanations with the shortest possible procurement lead time for your replacement parts.

    Consumable parts: Keeping important consumable parts in stock is key for increasing your production capacity.

    All replacement parts: For certain types of machines, we offer replacement parts kits that are individually adapted for preventative maintenance. In order to create the optimal package for you, we recommend conducting a preliminary evaluation with our technicians.

  • Training

    Knowledge is the basis of success, which is why MG-Tech offers training modules adapted to your individual needs. Increasing requirements for performance, quality and productivity also increase the need for expertise. Only well-trained machine operators can make the best use of your end-of-line equipment.

    Line operator module: Machine operator training from MG-Tech increases employees' understanding and skill for operating your end-of-line packaging equipment. We come to your site to train your machine operators in real, optimal conditions. The training objective is for your operators to handle machine operation (online management, changeovers…)

    Maintenance department module: This training is available for your maintenance department once the machine is delivered to your site. To guarantee your machine's efficiency, multiple people must be present for this training session. The objective is to train your teams to use the machine and keep it well-maintained.

    Automation module: This training is available for technicians with some knowledge in automation and who have previously received basic software training from manufacturers (Schneider, Rockwell, Siemens …). The objective is to train your teams in troubleshooting our equipment via HMI screens, in order to define scopes, troubleshoot equipment, etc.

    Service clients MG Tech - prestation formation