Service Need & Use maintenance prédictive 4.0

Need & Use service

Recognized and labeled "Showcase Industry of the future", the Need & Use service connects your equipment to a platform that integrates users, manufacturer, service and machine, in order to evolve towards AI.

The concept?

  • Study of the need and estimation of the time of use 
  • Invoicing is adapted according to the use of the machine 
  • The connected machines become communicating. They can request maintenance operations or guide operators to more appropriate operations.


  • Beyond the equipment, MG-Tech Handling offers to connect its equipment to a platform that dedicates a real community integrating users, the manufacturer, the service and the equipment itself to opt for its use. 

    It is not a simple technological layer that allows purely technical information to be transmitted to experts, but rather the analysis of usage with a real interaction between the machine and the surrounding ecosystem. It is an essential tool to enable pay-per-use and, above all, to optimize it by detecting, for example, the need for training, advice on how to use it... The ideal track for the increased operator ! 

    Available from your HMI screens, the platform will allow you to access your machine documentation or the various PLC programs. Interactive mimics and navigable charts are automatically generated to allow you to understand in detail the behavior of the variables and validate the suggested root causes.

    Service Need & Use maintenance prédictive 4.0

    • Pay according to use 
    • Real-time information feedback 
    • Annual review thanks to the platform 
    • Saving time and money with the preventive maintenance plan