camera IP maintenance 4.0 MG TECH

IP cameras

For faster and more reliable troubleshooting

To improve both machine operator control and quality monitoring, MG-Tech recommends installing High-Definition IP cameras inside our machines.

This lets the operator monitor the process in real time, risk-free, on a display screen. Installed for surveillance in sensitive areas (Changeovers, gluing station, product gripping…), these cameras can record high-quality videos that will be stored on discs and will help more quickly identify on-site problems. The video data is available as a saved archive file, so the images and process data can be sent to our customer service department for analysis. Technical terminology can differ from one company to the next; images have the advantage of providing clearer understanding, more reliable analyses and faster action plans.

IP cameras coupled to the axis controller can record only the machine's malfunctions, resulting in a more productive analysis phase.

IP cameras are  connected directly to your computer system and powered via Wi-Fi or PoE (power over Ethernet), and they can be configured remotely. High-performing sensors, onboard image processing and the ability to share images in real time is revolutionizing “maintenance 4.0."