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Who are we?

MG-Tech, an independent group on a human scale, is specialized in the design and production of complete packaging lines: compact cardboard, corrugated cardboard, palletization and automated handling. Our robotics know-how and our different production sites ensure you a customized support throughout your packaging projects and the optimization of your production lines.

The MG-Tech Group has 165 employees spread over 3 production sites in France, a guarantee of quality and confidence, the assurance of “Made in France” for more than 15 years.

Day after day, we are committed to providing you with long-term support and reliable, evolving equipment that gives you more PRODUCTIVITY, AGILITY and COMFORT.

  • Our mission

    Our mission at MG-Tech: providing you with adapted solutions that enable you to improve your industrial productivity. Our approach is divided into three phases:

    • Analyze, understand your environment, identify your challenges. This auditing phase is an essential step in offering suitable and pertinent solutions.
    • Equip your production units. MG-Tech guides you in choosing your future industrial equipment (case former, packer, palletizer, AGV…).
    • Implement interconnectivity between your equipment and intelligent solutions. 4.0 smart factory operates thanks to the development of interconnectivity between equipment allowing to produce (production), alert (maintenance) and guarantee (quality).
  • Our personality

    MG-Tech Group is a company which is:

    • Agile: always moving forward and market-driven to adapt quickly to the new client requirements and constraints.
    • Committed: at the service of our clients, we do not hesitate to accept new challenges. We do not shy away from difficulty. High expectations lead us towards excellence.
    • Passionate: involved, enterprising, invested, we take 100% of our projects to heart.
    • Unifying: projects require transversal skills. Sharing common resources, cohesion and team spirit are strong company values.
    • Proactive: continuously attentive, we know how align medium and long-term actions.
    • Clever: we are inventive and able to pragmatically solve a variety of problems.
  • Why choose our expertise?


    • Teams listening to your needs and providing with adapted solutions

    A solution with a unique partner to answer to your requests with 160 team members. 


    • Quality of service

    A unique and dedicated customer service to answer your requests and accompany you for the evolution of your machines. 


    • A customized and transport follow-up

    The supervision of the entire installation and the connection with our customer extranet for team exchanges follow-up. 


    • A respected planning

    A guaranteed schedule and 53 years of experience in machine and robotics solutions.