MG Tech AIV-AGV collaborative robot - Evobot - tracting full rolls

AGV - AIV collaborative robot - Evobot

The Evobot is a mobile robot vehicle for moving loads up to 800 kg (carrying) and up to 3 tons (towing).

It is available in 2 levels of autonomy:

  • AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) version for movement along predefined lines with electromagnetic tracking TAGs.
  • AIV (Automated Intelligent Vehicle) version for movement using navigation technology with mapping and environmental recognition.

The Evobot meets different types of industrial applications: warehouses and storage, agri-food, logistics, aeronautics, automotive, pharmaceutical, hospital, rail, aerospace.

Alone or in a fleet, the movement and management of the Twinbot is very simple thanks to a supervision software tool. Connected by Wifi, it constantly responds to the different OF (Production Order), it ensures the various painful and / or repetitive tasks and gives the different operators a better QVT (Quality of Life at Work) and better availability for operations with more added value.

Key figures

MG Tech AIV-AGV collaborative robot - Evobot

Maximum carried load weight

3 000

Maximum towed load weight


Maximum speed

1100 x 700

Robot dimensions

Product features

  • Autonomy: up to 8 hours
  • Loading: automatic on feeding station
  • Security: by front and rear scanner radars (120°)
  • Available additional options

    • Touch screen HMI for immediate remote control
    • Intuitive touch for controlling the drawbar
    • Available tools:
      • Lifter: lifting up to 50 mm
      • Catch clamp (towing): 25 mm and 50 mm interface
      • By pin (towing): manual coupling
    • Automatic feeding station
    • Light column for reinforced security
    • Logistic request system with call interface
    • Traffic manager with fleet supervision tool



  • Specific configurations

    With Cobot

    • Yaskawa cobot fixed on an autonomous vehicle
    • Ability for autonomous gripping of parts for order preparation
    • Unique software management of robot vehicle and cobot


    Evobot version for surface decontamination by spraying disinfectant

    • Indoor treatment of 20 000 m² in less than 3 hours
    • 50 liters tank
    • 16 nozzles for 360° misting at a distance of 2 meters
    • Quick and direct action on:
      • viruses (H1N1, rotavirus, coronavirus) in less than 15 minutes
      • bacteria in less than 30 minutes
      • micro-bacteria in less than 60 minutes
      • mushrooms in 15 to 120 minutes


    Evobot version for purification of the atmosphere by Ultra Violet sterilization

    • purification of more than 100 m3 per hour
    • reduction of harmful products up to 99%
    • Effective action on the following microorganisms:
      • Influenza virus: -75%
      • Colis: -75%
      • Salmonellae: -32 à -80%
      • Streptococcus: -85%
      • Staphylococus: -74 à -86%
      • Legionellae: -38 à -99%
      • Aspergillus: -80%
      • Hepatis: -61%