Nouvelle encaisseuse wrap MG Tech

Discover our new wrap case packer

Versatility, modularity, respect for the handled products, ergonomics ... the new wrap case packer has many features (volume shaping, products packing without upstream preparation, batches grouping...) and many benefits (simple and fast format change, squaring and conformation of boxes, intuitive HMI, ...).

mg tech

Manufacturer of end of line packaging solutions

Specialized in packaging machines, MG-Tech company provides, for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and industrial packaging activities, a range of case formers, packers, palletizers, but also offers conveying solutions. The Group has begun a diversification in mobile robotics applications to ease industrial handling operations.


mg tech

An innovative and connected Group

Labelled « Showcase Industry of the future”, the MG-Tech Group has made interconnectivity the foundation of its strategy.

Day after day, we are committed to providing you with long-term support and reliable, evolving equipment that gives you more PRODUCTIVITY, AGILITY and COMFORT.